Importance of Literacy
What is special about literature? Literature comes in many different forms created from past centuries containing words that branches out to being stories, cultures, information, and beliefs. Additionally, they allow us to obtain knowledge from others to what they mean in texts and literature also gives us a different perspective of the world for not always being one sided but to fully understand both sides of any circumstances.   The article, “Why Our Future Depends on Libraries, Reading and Daydreaming” written by English author, Neil Gaiman, explains how reading is very crucial, and without literature humans cannot advance and expand their imaginations. Although some literatures can be found boring and predictable, every literature holds words, which are arranged in a complex way that could be pleasurable to others. They describe feelings, emotions, and experiences, we can recognize as knowledge and open our minds by seeing the whole picture.   Reading literature is powerful because their stories convey memorable lessons that help shape the future and literature improves our imaginations with pleasure while escaping reality temporarily.
By reading literature, readers are able to escape their lives for a brief moment and have pleasure following along with a book from beginning to the end.   Literature inspires readers to be put in characters’ lives gaining knowledge and experience as if the reader was in the character’s place. Gaiman explains, “You’re being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you’re going to be slightly changed” (2).   From stories, a person escapes from reality and is lost in another character’s view feeling what they’re going through until towards the end of the story.   At the end of each story, readers are able to interpret what the moral of the literature is presenting. Through personal experience of reading the novel, The Great Gatsby, by Scott Fitzergald, I shared the thoughts of Nick Carraway who was...