Life's a Beach

Life’s a Beach
As I step out of my car and into this mystical world I suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of relaxation and serenity. As the door of the car closes a weight lifts off of my shoulders. Here at the beach I don’t have to think about work or school. Here at the beach I don’t have to think at all.
Walking along the beach I can hear the crashing waves that seem to wash away all of life’s problems. The warm sand in between my toes feels like a soothing massage.   The sun’s reflection off of the water heats my skin in a therapeutic way. I unravel my beach towel onto the sand and sit. Just then I feel my cell phone vibrating. As I look down I realize it’s my manager calling. I think to myself and come to the conclusion that she probably wants me to pick up someone else’s shift. I hit the ignore button and turn off my phone. No one or nothing is going to interfere with my day at the beach.
As I lay down on my pink beach towel I see out of the corner of my eye a cute guy walking towards me.   He lightly kicks sand onto my towel and apologizes for doing so. He continues to walk. Then he abruptly turns around to ask if I would like to join him in a sandcastle building contest. I think it over briefly in my head and accept. He reaches me his hand and helps me up. I roll up my towel and stuff it in my beach bag.   As we walk towards the area where the contest is being held, we engage in light conversation. I find out that his name is Bryce.  
After Bryce and I listen to the boring rules of the contest, we walk over to our designated area and begin to have fun. Four hours later the sandcastle is finally complete. We name it “Under the Sea”. As we patiently wait for the judges to make their decision we continue to get to know each other more. I find out that he lives down the street from me and that he goes to my school. While telling him my plan to relax at the beach for the day we overhear the judge’s horn. Together we walk over to the tent where the judges are...