My Life Rundown

      Growing up in a small town was my life style as a kid. In this report, I will talk about different life memories as a child in a small town. I will discuss how it was having parents that worked in mills for a living and how I dealt with it. Coming up as a child I learned to be family oriented and always help other family members that were in need. My educational goals and dreams in life will also be discussed in this paper. Having family that is close and having great memories to talk about in the future is very important to me. From my education I have also experienced many different job ventures I will be discussing.
      My name is Cornelius Seals. I am twenty-six years old. I grew up with two older sisters that help raise me as a child due to my parents having to work a lot to pay the bills. I grew up in a small town called Sylacauga, Alabama. Sylacauga has a population of 12,000 people. A lot of land that is in my city belongs to the Indians. We have several schools named after them because of this matter. Growing up in a small city resulted in being close with family, and mainly knowing everyone in town. As a result of this, I have learned the importance of family and being close to family. My parents did not have the privilege of going to college and instead started working at popular mill companies to take care of us. Working at a mill was the normal occupation a teenager would do after graduating high school because their parents also worked in a mill. It was said typically, young people choose occupations at the same general social class level as those of their parents-although this is less true today than it was a decade or two ago (Biblarz, Bengtson, & Bucur, 1996). My parents on the other hand, directed me towards wanting to go to college and change the family cycle.
      Everyone in my family was really close. We believed in always helping each other out whenever help was needed. I can remember every holiday we would get...