Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Expedition
`The United States was established in 1776 and was identified as a growing nation that has huge among of land.   Over time there have been many adventures these adventures are known as the Corps Discovery of Expedition. According to history.army.mil (2011) "The Corps of Discovery brought back invaluable geographic and scientific data, including 178 new species of plant life and 122 previously unknown species of animal life. Lewis and Clark succeeded in mapping a route beyond the Mississippi River to the West Coast" (para.1).   This Lewis and Clark Expedition has proven to be one of the most fruitful adventures. This adventure helped America get a new start.
Thomas Jefferson the President of the United States at this time was the one that commissioned the expedition. The United States was in great need of getting beneficial plants and minerals, and also needed to find a water route that led to the Pacific Ocean, and building a relationship with the Native Americans and learning and collecting information about the Native Americans culture so they could establish trade and a good relationship with the Natives. The crew arrived back after two years with a large amount of achievements.
President Thomas Jefferson chose Captain Meriwether Lewis to research and explore Louisiana and the Pacific Northwest Thomas Jefferson just purchased this new territory that need to be analyzed.   As the chosen leader of this mission Lewis decided that he would include his friend William Clark. Both of these men had many talents. Lewis had the talent of finding new things and was able to draw them in his journal. Clarks had many talents also but he was best at drawing and making maps. According to Acrhives.gov (n.d) "Jefferson chose his personal secretary, Meriwether Lewis, an intelligent and literate man who also possessed skills as a frontiersman. Lewis in turn solicited the help of William Clark, whose abilities as draftsman and frontiersman were even...