Level 5 Nvq Unit 501

Gail Wood                                                                                                              
Unit 501 use and develop systems that promote
Outcome 1
1.1 Review the range of groups and individuals whose communication needs must be addressed in own job role
On a daily basis I have to communicate with different people,(e.g.)service users, their families-carers-managers-other professionals so it is essential that I have extremely good communication skills. Part of these   skills is for me to be accurate in what I am communicating, be polite and make sure the information I am communicating is delivered and understood, another part is for me to be a active listener so that I can receive information and understand the information given to me but also so that the individual knows I am taking on board everything they are communicating to me. I also have to take into consideration “groups of individuals” for instance individuals with disabilities, males/females,deaf/blind people but I have to look at individuals as a whole and encourage interaction-inclusion-social contacts therefore encouraging communication. I need these communication skills to be able to communicate with service users who use our service and their families to be able to assist and   be involved in their care along with them so that their needs and wishes are met also need the same communication skills with my managers, the care staff I work with, other professionals as we communicate regular on a daily basis verbally, written files in handovers so that we are all aware and updated constantly about each individuals daily care needs. Good communication skills is vital.
Seniors and care assistants have to work together on a daily basis as a team to provide the best standard of care to the service users that choose to use their service,   they depend on each need to have a great level of trust in each other, so it’s important for them to have a good relationship, part of...