Letters of Interest

While in graduate school, I worked as the first ever Marketing Director for Women’s Basketball at Texas Southern University. I took on the task of revamping the support for women’s basketball. The community had long stopped supporting athletics as well as the entire school because of bad media coverage. For that entire school year I helped mentor students athletes, helping them transition from high school to college, while teaching them time management as well as studying tips. In this capacity I oftentimes worked with the economically disadvantaged and minorities. I was faced with the task of motivating these students daily to stay in college. I believe that I have a unique quality that makes me an ideal candidate for this job and that is my ability to meet people where they’re at in that particular stage in their life. A professor once told me that I am assertive without being too aggressive.
Most recently I am an educator at another school where I teach psychology, health and P.E. This particular school serves teen moms, juvenile felons, and former drop-outs. I have diversified my curriculum by incorporating college preparations. These include, test taking strategies, application tutorials and even helped to arrange visits.
I want to work for the Yes Prepatory school system because it is on the brink of becoming huge in the city and beyond in terms of public education. The impact it will have on the community will be enormous. It is my hope to pay it forward what so many of my mentors did for me.