Letter of Advice

Letter of Advice
Amanda Page
COM200: Interpersonal Communication (GSL1147A)
Marcia Wynn
December 19, 2011

Dear Tim and Amanda,

I understand that you all were just recently engaged and are looking for some advice for your all’s relationship. Well, I will be telling you more about the following throughout the letter. 1. I will describe the process by which self-concept is developed and maintained. 2. I will give you some strategies for active, critical, and empathetic listening. 3. Then we will discuss how words have the power to create and affect attitudes, behaviors, & perception. 4. I will define emotional intelligence and it’s role in effective interpersonal relationships. And last but not least 5. We will discuss how self-concept and defensive and supportive messages and behaviors create positive and negative communication climates.

So, first off, it has been studied by many philosophers that self-concept starts pretty much at birth. Your self-concept is what people around you tell you about yourself and it is your outlook on all of your own attributes. Your self-concept usually stays with you for the rest of your life, it all depends on you. If you have a high self-concept then the people around you will see how you feel about yourself, and treat you as how you feel. The people around you can see how you feel about yourself by your body language and it is maintained through out the rest of your life.

If you have a low self-concept and the people around you have done nothing but put you down all of your life, there is a good possibility that you can bring that low self-concept into your relationship and bring you partner down with you. It could also cause a whole lot of stress on you relationship. So try to make sure that if you have low self-concept work on bringing that up about yourself and know that YOU are the one that is engaged to your partner no one else.

Now I am going to give you some strategies for active, critical, and...