Letter of Advice-Outline
Tanya Tate
COM 200- Interpersonal Communication
Instructor: Donna Mitchell
May 5, 2014

Letter of Advice to a Newly Engages Couple
    Marriage advice to a newly engaged couple can prepare them to communicate better with
      each other.   There are tools available to help couples better understand the barriers which may occur
    during a marriage.
    a.   Thesis Statement
  Fundamental tools to communicate effectively vary for each engaged couple.   The process by which
  self-concept is developed and maintained is important.   One must be able to recognize how words
  have the power to create and affect attitudes, behavior, and perception.
Body Paragraph #1- Topic Sentence #1
  The Process in which self-concept is developed and maintained.
    a.   Supporting Evidence
  Self-concept is learned; it is organized, it is dynamic, and it is changeable( Purkey, 1988). “You build
  your sense of self-concept through communication with yourself and those around you.   This is
  formed by what you tell yourself and what other people tell you about yourself”( Sole,K. 2011)
    b. Explanation
  “Today most researchers believe that who you think you are is a complex mix of how you see
  yourself; how others see you; what parents, teachers, and peers have told you about yourself”(Sole, K
  2011) Some researchers also believe that your self-concept can be influenced by society and culture
  and what they tell you should be.
Body Paragraph #2- Topic Sentence #2
  The Principles and Misconceptions in effective Interpersonal Communication
    a. Supporting Evidence

  The principles of interpersonal communication is a lifelong study that requires ongoing practice for
  everyone.( Sole, K. 2011) There are five aspects here and they will be descried in depth.
    b. Explanation
  A person needs to have great listening skills, excellent people skills which means how much...