: Lessons from Winter Olympics in Vancouver

Division of Int’l Studies
2008230003 Young Sung Kim
Essay 1
Topic: Lessons from Winter Olympics in Vancouver, 2010

Few months ago, Winter Olympics took place in Vancouver, Canada. People around the world were so excited and they shared the same values such as love, peace, and cooperation. It is good to have Olympics as an annual global festival because it gathers people around the world all together and bring stability to the global society. As long as people share some values together, they are less likely to fight against each other and evoke a war. There are several positive aspects of Olympics and therefore we should encourage it to take place annually.
As a Korean citizen, it was so proud that Republic of Korea took 5th place in Vancouver Winter Olympics. Korea won 6 gold medals, 6 silver, and 2 bronze medals. Particularly Yu-Na Kim, a well-known figure skating queen, broke the world record and ranked the top. Her record not only brought her gold medal, but also huge amount of economic incentives from large conglomerates that used her as a model. She made huge profits for the company, and they were compensating for that profits made by Yu-Na Kim. Korea has now become one of the wealthiest countries among the countries all around the world, yet still has a lot of things to work through. Then here comes a question, do every wealthy nations show exceptional performances in Olympics? It seems likely when we see the results; Canada was ranking the top in Vancouver Olympics, followed by Germany and the United States. However, I was wondering how come Japan did not gain any gold medals from Vancouver Olympics. Japan is one of the wealthiest countries around the globe and hypothetically Japan should get gold medal as many as they can. But somehow, Japan got no gold medal from this Olympics. I want to analyze the reason why Japan showed so poor performances in Olympics in an economic aspect.
First of all, Japan might be satisfied with their status quo. They...