Lesson of the Moth

The average life span of a moth is 1 year. In “Lesson of the Moth” the poem states that the true meaning of life is something to die for. In this poem the true meaning of life for a moth is dying for beauty in a second. It may seem that burning in the flame of a candle is not the meaning of life. The moth tells Archy, the cockroach, that immolating themselves is their way of life. This poem states to me, that the true meaning of life is what fills you with joy. “It is better to be happy for a moment and be burned up with beauty than to live a long time and be bored all the while.”
In contrast, people these days are very lazy and would much rather stick to the same boring, exhausting, long, daily routine. If we all lived according to the moth the same routine would turn into something loved. Hence, something you would die for. Most people have not experienced a joy so unbelievable that would cause death. The moth is right in some ways. Living a long and boring life is not comparable, to the moth, than dying in an instance having a rush of pleasure smothered over your dead body.
To add, the moment of reality comes when the meaning of life is revealed. The meaning of life does not come from drugs, sex, or violence. Some people obscure their view in life with these distractions because they crave attention. Deep down they know that it will not hold forever. When the day comes and all of that vanishes from the view of the person that is the day when they realize why they are here. The meaning of life is different for everyone whether it be to have a loving family or to play for your nation’s hockey, football, baseball or soccer team. The poem says that when the meaning of life is exposed you will be filled with joy.
Undoubtedly, the reasons above, truly state why Don Marquis wrote this poem. Mr. Marquis wrote this poem to express through a funny poem what the true meaning of life is. To me, this poem shows the meaning of life is to live it to your full...