Micro Lesson

Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector/Planning and Enabling Learning

Evaluate a range of resources and teaching methods
My micro session was on the 6 figure Grid References. The range of resources that I used was:

    • Flipchart
    • Map Sections
    • Session activity

I chose Flipchart for the visual aid because it is a good visual aid to assist in delivering the knowledge of the subject.   It allows for areas to be broken in to manageable size pieces of information to be absorbed and provides the students with something visual to follow during the subject and also allows structure to the lesson.   I choose to deliver the first part of the session with a short explanation of the Ordnance Survey grid system, as I felt this was a suitable way to deliver the knowledge.   During the first part I also included pre prepared examples to enable to students to relate to the content.

I selected session activity to assess the knowledge the students had absorbed.   I used paired activities so that the students can work together.   I placed 5 examples on the chart sheet and asked each pair to complete one of the examples and to feedback to the group their findings.   This also provided further examples, if the groups completed their task within the allocated time, to move on to the next scenario

Make recommendations for improvements

There are two sides to the improvements I would make to the session.   When I am next delivering a micro session I will be aware of how much content I am delivering.   This affects timings and the pace of the session
The improvements I will make for the next delivery of the subject to the next group of students is to modify the structure of the lesson. During the middle part of the session will be a group exercise looking at examples identifying 4 figure Grid References.
This will bring into the lesson the three domains of learning.   From the feedback I have received from my peer group I will also provide the students...