Lennism vs. Marxism

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Communism is the ideology that everyone is collectively equal with no classes or hierarchy. The only possible way communism can exist is if all property is owned by the government. The government can divide it equally between all citizens. This society is ideal for many countries and was first introduced by a revolutionary Karl Marx. Marx would write about nations as equal and how communism will end all suffering, Marx says “A specter is haunting Europe - the specter of communism.”   His writings became an inspiration to many, including Vladimir Lenin.   Lenin used Marx’s ideas as a basis for his own ideology on a nation, in combination with his own ideas; Lennin was able to introduce new philosophies on running a country to the Soviet Union.   Lenin’s rulings could sometimes contradict the beliefs of Marx. Many factors affected Lenin’s failure in leading the Soviet Union, not only was it due to failing health from injuries of an attempted assassination and multiple strokes.     The ideas in which Marx and Lenin applied to communism, worked better on paper, when applied to real life factors unidentified caused Lenin’s government failure. The ideas which were not included in Lenin’s theories were the lack of motivation from workers, how far The Soviet Union was in the revolution and the revolt in the government to have a more capitalist government. During the early 1900’s many countries including Russia began industrial revolutions.   Russia was not as far in the revolution as thought by Lenin, and the lack of advancement in the industrial revolution was an unaccounted problem Lenin had to deal with.   unevolved in the
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industrial revolution unlike Britain, or North America. Russia had been divided for a long time into two groups, the small group of educated elite, and the poor peasants. Authour Michael Kort states that “Despite Russia’s great size and natural resources, most of it people lived in poverty.”   During the industrial revolution, this...