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The focus of the session was discovering sounds and music. The age range was under one year.
I placed different musical instruments in the space for the children to explore. Some of these were bells, maracas drums, tambourine, triangles as well as more unusual things such as dream catchers, foil blankets and bags filled with beans, rice and other materials that rattle. For the small babies I had wooden rattles and toys that had bells in them and crinkly materials.
In another area I placed pasta in a tray for the babies to discover a play with. Making sounds by crunching it, mixing it, scooping it and dropping it with their hands. I used the pasta to make shakers by placing it in a folded paper plate and decorating it.

I feel the group ran well and the babies really enjoyed exploring the different sounds. I took great satisfaction from watching how they made accidental sounds with things they hadn’t seem before and how their natural curiosity allowed them to work out how that sound was made and develop them into bigger, louder or longer noises sometimes with two instruments at once.
The pasta wasn’t played with as much as I had thought it would be which surprised me as in the past it was greatly received. I think that the babies weren’t engage in it enough as once they had felt it and crunched it a bit there wasn’t much else for them to do.

In the future if I was going to use natural materials for sound making I would use more than just pasta, maybe rice or couscous as well. I would put these into shallow trays so the babies could make marks with their fingers whilst swirling it around. I would also provide different containers and tools such as buckets, bottles, spoons and jugs so the babies could drop the pasta in, hear the sound it makes as it drops, pick up the container and shake it, pour it back out. Use the spoon to scoop and stir and listen to the sounds this makes. Not only would this extend the sound making play it would also encourage mark...