Legal Aliens

Ms. Norton
English AP
November 30, 2010
Two Worlds in Her
The poem “Legal Alien” by Pat Mora is written in blank verse. This poem is written to express how she is observed by being Mexican American how she is viewed in distinctive and diverse perspectives and how she feels. It is composed of one stanza with22 lines. Mora inserts many shifts to show her meaning and what she goes through being from two cultures. At the beginning she talks about what she is capable of with a description using a parallelisms. She shift and uses diction that don’t have any relationship to describe how she is viewed by the Mexicans and the Anglos.   Using a metaphor she explains how she sees herself underestimating her roots. Finally how she feels and reacts describing it with negative words. Mora starts off talking about what she is capable of doing. She says that they are making her crazy referring to both cultures. Parallelism is included showing exactly what she can do it starts off with “able to…” and shows what she does. Mora seems to be ambivalent and confused because she feels it is much for her and feels idiotic.
Exotic, inferior, and different she is viewed by the Anglos. Three words that have no connection they negative and positive. She isn’t sure where she fits both of her cultures seem not to be the same because says Mexicans view her different from them also. She believes by a Mexicans look that they see her different and with that she makes an assumption that they say “you’re not like me.” To show how she is viewed by both sides she uses another parallelism that start with “ viewed by…”She believes both cultures see her different and is why she maybe feels   she doesn’t belong in the cultures is left out.
Using a metaphor” a handy token” she shift to symbolize she sees herself. When she refers to “a handy token” she feels she is being used and only to gain access. As a bus token or any token that grants you access she feels like alone being to help both culture...