Led Lights Bulbs

led lndoor lllumination series
"aladdin co.,ltd" indoor lighting products contains yinxuan spherical bubble light, tianhong daylight lamp.tiangong tube lamp and spot light.the source of all kinds of lamps of lamps adopt a modularization design, series products possess high light efficiency,uniform color considering the safety. color rendering and comfort.

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1. high light efficiency:the light efficiency of lamp is more than 100LM/W.4W led lamp can be equivalent to 45W incandescent lamp.
2.light weight:the weight of 4W led lamp is less than 75 grams.7W less than 95grams.
3.high voltage-withstanding:every lamp can withstand more than 400 volts.
4.uniform color:mass seling.warm color temperature can be controlled in +_ 50K.cold color temperature in +_200k.
5.stable performance:this product adopts the ceramics packaging technology,the BOSS glue to insure the serviceable life of them.
6.environment-friendly product:do not contain mercury,lead and other harmful metals.no ultraviolet/no strobe.it's safe for human health.
7.long serviceable life: ln general,the serviceable life is more than 40,000 hours.

general characteristics:
cap-base:E 14/ E 27
bulb finish:PC
casing materia:airlines die-cast aluminum
size:50 * 12 MM
average lifetime:40.000 hrs

electrical characteristics:
line frequency:50--60HZ

light technical characteristics:
light effect:80--85LM/W(WARM WHITE)
            90--100Lm/W(cool white)
correlated colour temperatre:2700--4500K(warm white)
                            4500--6500K(cool white)
colour rendering indes:>70

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