Sylvania Case Study

It is a sample final paper. I do not mean it is a perfect paper. Actually the paper’s strategy suggestion section is quite weak. Just the format is right, so give it to you as a reference.

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 3
2. Introduction 4-5
3. Current Situation
      1. Current Performance 6-8
      2. Strategic Posture
              1. Mission 9
              2. Vision 9
              3. Values 9-10
              4. Objectives 10
              5. Strategies 10-11
4. External   Factors
      1. Societal, Political, Regulatory, Community Factors 12-14
      2. Industry and Competitive Analysis 15-21
      3. Summary of External Factors 22
5. Internal Factors- Competitive Capabilities 23-25
6. Strategy 26-28
7. Implementation 29-33
8.0 Appendices 34-37
9.0 Citation 38

1. Executive Summary

  OSRAM SYLVANIA is the provider of lighting solutions in homes, businesses and institutions, automobiles and a broad range of specialty applications. As follows in this plan, OSRAM SYLVANIA renews their vision and strategic focus by adding value to target segments with new and emerging technologies. SYLVANIA will use its marketing tactics to help focus and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

  With new emerging technologies and government regulations in the industry, SYLVANIA needs to address key issues pertaining to its current performance, next strategic moves, and implementation tactics to fully integrate a strategic campaign. To gain a comprehensive insight, the following need to be addressed:

  1. Analyze current performance and industry trends.
  2. Examine regulatory guidelines set by the government and other external factors that will influence decisions.
  3. Better understand the needs, motivations and purchase drivers to help create strategies and solutions to meet those needs...