Led Aladdin Co., Ltd for Led Lights Independent Research

LED Aladdin CO.,LTDIndependent Research.

LED ALADDIN CO.,LTD === "LED LIGHT" core advantages:?
aliadding ==== today,all achievements spring from the unremitting technological innovation and the core

1.the independent research in production equipment,technology,craftwork realizes the comprehensive protection

of intellectual property.
2.our cooperation with fujian institute of physical structure,chiese academy of sciences keeps production

technique excellent.
3.high thermal conductivity,high index of refraction glue.
4.superior design structure ensure the good radiating effect,high voltage-withstanding and reduces the cost

of production.
5.invented the automatic test for powder technology and qutomatic pick chip technology,make product color


LED ALADDIN CO.,LTD === "LED LIGHT" manufacture advantages:
1.produce 200 thousand of lamps everyday.
2.everyday produce 200 thousand of the modules with independent intellectual property rights.
3.possess the advanced automated production line and supporting production line developed by ourself.
4.possess the high precision injection molding line,electroplating production line,die-casting and pressing

line/surface spray plating line and other supporting production lines.

LED ALADDIN CO.,LTD === "LED LIGHT" quality policy
meet and exceed customer expectation,comtinue to improve,best quality control.
quality authentication:
lmplement ISO9001 quality management system,9S comprehensive management,TUV certificate,perfect testing


LED ALADDIN CO.,LTD === "LED LIGHT" service advantages
1. one-stop high-efficiency manufacture base of led application product.
2.perfect technical support,component supply and finished product.
3.high-cost-performance service brought by scale productivity.
4.technical and after service of product basing on perfect sales network.

LED ALADDIN CO.,LTD === "LED LIGHT"   led lndoor...