Amber Snyman




Melissa Baird

Westernized medication


Holistic treatment

Chapter 1

It is often said that westernized living is the cause of people developing new, strange and rare illnesses.

“Did you hear Suzan is sick again? It must be all this pollution, litter and bacteria we deal with on a daily basis. Cleaning agents claim that they remove 99.9% of bacteria, so why do we all keep getting sick?”

This is what pharmaceutical companies want you to think.

Did I get your attention?

I hope I did.

I will be uncovering the biggest scandal in today’s living. The scariest part is that no one is doing anything about it.

We will also be looking into the world of holistic treatment and why this form of healing is starting to awaken the once ignorant.

Chapter 2

Illnesses need to be treated. The majority of our population steer more toward the pill popping, medicine taking , thrush causing medication we know as ‘ANTI-BIOTICS’.

Have you ever noticed how as you walk into the doctor’s consultation room he/she is already reaching for their prescription pads before you have even said “AAAAAHHHHHH”

You haven’t…?

You should definitely pay more attention to what goes on in the offices of those you depend on to save your life.

It is becoming more and more obvious how much paid professionals do not care about your life and the lives of the ones you love.

A few examples of personal experiences of mine,

A friend’s father was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system. Before he could receive any chemotherapy or radiation he had to go for an operation. He came out of the operation with high hopes and died 2 days later. The family could not understand why he had passed away under the hospitals care and before the cancer had spread or become fatal. They requested an autopsy be done. Cause of death: septic shock. A life was taken because the implements and atmosphere in the...