Learning Curve Theory

Learning Curve Theory

Donna S. LaLonde

University of Phoenix


Jamie G. Shockley-Caffee

January 20, 2010

Week 2

Mario has turned over his pizzeria to his grandson for two months to see if he can help the pizzeria make a profit and implement changes to control the waiting time and queue length which will affect the process in the restaurant. If after two months of implementing the proposed changes and Mario is pleased with the outcome, the grandson will receive the restaurant.

The decision that was made was to have 10 tables of four and eight tables of two with a wait staff of four and a kitchen staff of two. Mario’s grandson has to meet with the employees and explain to the employees that a performance metric will be conducted. The employees are the people that are responsible for the work and these same employees are most knowledgeable about the work and the customers.

During the meeting the group will identify the critical work processes and the customer requirements. As a manager identification will be made of the critical results desired and what the customers need. Also as a manager a list of established performance goals will be set to achieve the maximum production.   As a manager Mario’s grandson will have to explain to the employees that measurements cost money. As the acting manager of Mario’s pizzeria   one has to choose what is useful for the pizzeria.

An example would be the goal the pizzeria is trying to achieve, question if this would be the correct metric and then measure the metric to see if the goal is attainable. Some of the factors that Mario’s pizzeria has to consider is the business objectives and the customer’s needs. The decision that Mario’s grandson made about the amount of tables of four and the tables of two along with the wait staff and kitchen staff increased sales but due to the ovens being slow in processing the cooking time some of the customers left without being served. So the decision was made to...