Learning Curve Theory Ops 571

Apply the Learning Curve Theory
OPS 571
July 19, 2010
Anthony Barnes

Apply the Learning Curve Theory
In business there are many different aspects that measure and evaluate the processes that keep that business successful. After completing the simulation for Mario’s Pizza I am able to evaluate their process of servicing their clients. Several performance metrics can be seen within the simulation that affects the business in a detrimental way. This will be discussed further in this paper.
The information provided in the simulation and the changes that I have suggested provide Mario with several alternatives to the way he is currently running his business. Several performance metrics that have been evaluated are: efficiency, productivity, utilization, and queue time. Currently Mario’s Pizzeria is not using the performance metrics in the most effective ways. They have very high queue times for customers, and are not utilizing all their capacity to the fullest. The efficiency of the restaurant needs to be increased in order to get the most out of all the employees. The productivity is suffering because the other performance metrics are lacking. The pizzeria is losing business because the wait times are too high. If they make adjustments to their process there will be a turnaround in the business’ success.
A variety of alternative processes have been suggested in order to improve the performance metrics. The addition of tables for parties of two was implemented in order to effectively utilize the space and increase the profitability of the restaurant. This will give a higher utilization percentage for both parties of four and two compared to only having the tables for four.   The utilization is the ratio of the time that a resource is actually activated relative to the time that it is available for use (Chase, Jacobs,   & Aquilano, 2006). Also the addition of the Plax Ovens and removal of the manual ovens have streamlined to production of the pizzas in...