Leading a Worship Service

“ Leading a Worship Service “

Congregational worship is an extremely important element of the New Testament Church.The primary calling of the New testament Christians is the worship of God.The most important functions of a church in order of are

    a] Vertical- Worshipping God
    b] Horizontal- Ministry to the Body- edifying the saints
                Ministry to the world- evangelism

Quality in Leaders
Leading worship is a special ministry -Not everyone has the minsitry.Often the pastor does not have this
      Particular ability.in which cause,he should find someone in the congregation who does possess such a gift
      And be willing for that person to take the lead in this particular area.

The Leader must be a worshipper - it is essential that one who is called to lead others into worship should be
      Skilled and adept in the worship of God.it is impossible to lead others into something unless the leader has
      Already learned the requirements and skills of worship. The person should be free in his own spirit and
      Able to freely praise and worship God in his personal life

Spiritual Maturity - The worship leader should be a person with experience and maturity in the things of the
      Spirit. His spiritual development should be equal to { and preferably superior to } the congregation that he
      Is seeking to lead.such maturity gives the leader a confidence and results in the sense of security in the

      He should be able to control his own spirit so that his personal thoughts, feelings and emotions do not
      Intrude into the meeting. He must also be a man of faith, not only able to discern the leading of the Holy
      Spirit, but with faith to implement what the Spirit may be saying to the assembled saints. He should be an
      Exhorter who can motivate and encourage the believers

Spiritual Sensitivity - The ideal leader has developed a sensitive ear for the voice of the Holy...