Year 12 Studies Of Religion Assessment Task 1 – Religion in Australia Post 1945

Explain the important steps taken to introduce this religious movement and analyse the ways in which this religion has gained acceptance in Australia.

In society, we have many religions. Religion can be defined as a set of beliefs that concern the nature, cause and purpose of the universe and life. It can be seen as acts of human psychopathology, being the study of the origin of mental or behavioural disorders. Mormonism is an example of a religion, where there have been important steps in order to introduce this religious movement. This religion has also gained acceptance in Australia in many ways.
Mormonism is a major modern religion with more than 14 million members around the world. This religion was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, who was known as the prophet and the composer of the Book of Mormon. This text was supposedly translated from the message of God, carried on golden plates. It is officially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon’s beliefs are based on the assumption that Christianity was too ungodly and depraved, and that restoring true Christian values was necessary.   The Book of Mormon claims that Christ visited America after his resurrection and revealed himself to the Nephites, whom he preached the gospel and found a church. The Mormons follow four books, including The Bible, The Book of Mormon, Doctrine of Convenants, and Pearl of a Great Price. They believe that only their religion is ‘the only true and living church upon Earth’ but the other religions have some amount of truth to them and do good in one form or another. They are not considered a branch of Christianity, but Mormons wish to be known as Christians – just misrepresented and misunderstood Christians.
Mormons have faced many challenges in introducing this religion, especially when trying to merge their beliefs with the American society and government. One main...