Leadership Style

My behavior style is interactive.   Optimism is central to whom I am.   It is a forward driving force.   I experience the world around me optimistically.   I approach people expecting positive discourse.   Strong people skills enhance my ability to communicate with individuals as well as groups.   I do my best to make work meaningful by attempting to understand the feelings of others.   Positive feedback allows me to look at failure as an opportunity for growth.   As a leader, ideas and innovation are what motivate me.   Change is welcome and I adapt quickly.   I am not afraid to take risks for the things I believe in and accept that I will encounter failure in pursuit of my goals.   Enthusiasm, persuasiveness, and charm help me gain trust and build strong relationships.   These qualities help me rally support for goals I wish to accomplish.
Achievement of goals is what drives a type A personality.   I have been assessed a type A+ that means I often become impatient and make decisions quickly when additional information is not forthcoming.   However, I see that as strength in a crisis. I often underestimate the time it will take to complete tasks causing undue stress to others and myself.   I have difficulty delegating tasks to others that I feel are less capable, thus, I tend to take on more than I can accomplish effectively.   Whatever aspects of my personality considered weaknesses can be fine-tuned to make an effective leader.   Adaptability and openness to change will serve me well in that endeavor.                
My leadership approach is under development.   Adaptive would be the word to describe my stand on leadership.   However, there are aspects of my leadership style that are fully developed.   A hand on approach to leadership is how I will be most effective in influencing growth, satisfaction, and goal achievement.   Communicating clear task objectives while creating a collaborative environment can cultivate trust and increase intrinsic value.   Having a technical...