Leadership in Nursing

Nursing and Leadership Management Theories
Leadership refers to setting a new direction or a way forward for a group of people, so that they follow. Management on the other hand is controlling or directing people or resources in a group regarding the values that have already been established. Leadership and being an outstanding leader depends on ones qualities and behaviors that they exhibit in different circumstances or situations (Hader, 2008). Leadership has to go hand in hand with management because; without management, the direction that is set does not reflect on how the new direction is going to be achieved. Others will have to work hard in the shadows that have been left behind by the others. Management without leadership; the resources are only controlled just to ensure that things happen according to the already established plans or to maintain the status quo. For me to be a successful leader, I have to combine both the leadership and the management skills. Effective nurse leaders are those who involve others to work together in pursuit of a common goal (Sullivan, 2007).
In my job, what distinguishes me from the other leaders is the ability to combine the task and the relationship focus. Focus on tasks only will result into affecting the productivity of the employees. Others focus on building relationships with other colleagues and ignore the tasks. As an effective leader, I can balance the inter- personal relationship and the task focuses.
There are many theories that have come up to evaluate leadership styles that leaders demonstrate. They include Trait Theories; this explains that some people are natural leaders, which does not apply to me. This means that leadership comes easily to others, and everyone can be a leader, as long as they are given the required knowledge and skills. Behavioral theories are concerned with what people do; autocratic leadership, democratic leadership and Laissez-faire leadership. There is also the motivating theory which...