Leadership and Management

Management and leadership.
To my understanding being a manager does not always mean you are the best role model for a leader, for example in my place of work if we were to be split up into groups of two with our manager and deputy manager doesn't always mean that they are the better leaders as anyone in the group could speak out more than the managers, I understand that with leadership you have to have some qualities like confidence also be understanding but also you may need to push your team at times to achieve your goals, I understand that management is about what is right and wrong for your company such as the people we employ and the equipment we encounter also ensure there are no problems in the workplace between the staff and service users.

Leadership Theories
There are know to be four types of leadership theories here are some examples,
First there is the " trait " theory this is know to be about your traits such as being confidence or being shy in the beginning this was known to be what you did or didn’t have but now it is more what we can do to improve your leadership skills and not to do with what you already have, There are some traits that would still be good to have for example empathy, good decision making skills and likability. But even if you have these and more doesn’t make you a successful leader, from doing my research I have found that the best trait is to believe in yourself this can help to progress in leadership skills.
Behavioral Theories
This focuses on how the leaders behave when with their team for example do they involve their team when making decisions or do they make decisions on their own, in the 1930s Kurt Lewin argued that there were three different types leaders;
Autocratic leaders these leaders make decisions without consulting their team members, This is considered to be appropriate when decisions need to be made quickly when there is no need for input but can be inappropriate when decisions needs to be discussed...