Leadership and Management

1.1 Leadership and management are not the same thing but they go hand in hand and link together. If management and leadership are then separated it is likely to cause more problems in any setting or organisation. In some cases leadership is not needed, in group working one leader may be seen as dominating so this shows that leadership is an advantage and not essential. In my placement they have room leaders in every room in the setting these leaders plan the activities that will be carried out throughout the day. They ensure the room is always organised and that all the activities that have been set meet the needs of every individual child. The best form of creating a good leadership in the setting is with a democratic approach, this is when the leaders offer guidance and discuss ideas in a group in order for the leader to reach their final decision. Leadership is one of the many things that successful managers much have; the main aim of a manager is to make the most of the output of the organisation through administration implementation. In order for managers to achieve this the must follow these functions:
• Organisation
• Planning
• Controlling
• Directing
The managers in my placement have the final say in the decision making and must ensure the room leaders have all their work up to date and that the key carers have their children’s files complete to a high standard every month. The managers must always make sure their staff are working to the best of their ability at all times and that the parents/carers of every child are happy with the care that is provided. If any parent/carer is unhappy or would like to make a complaint they would go straight to the manager and if there are any visitors they would also see the manager, it is their role to make them feel welcome.