Ldr 531 Week 4 Quiz New

LDR 531 Week 4 Quiz NEW
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1 Which of the following statements is true regarding negotiation?

Displaying a negative emotion at a negotiation can never be effective.
 Angry negotiators who have less power than opponents have better outcomes.
 Individuals who do poorly in a negotiation develop positive perceptions of their counterpart.
 Feeling bad about your performance during a negotiation tends to impair future negotiations.
2 Which of the following does cognitive dissonance indicate between two or more attitudes or between behavior and attitudes?

 3 If Alberta is a categorized as a Theory X manager, which of the following behaviors is she most likely to exhibit?
She will let her employees choose their own goals.
 She will strictly control all the details of any project she is managing.
 She will delegate authority extensively to junior managers.
 She will trust her employees to use their discretion in most matters.
4 MBO provides individual employees with
clear-cut growth paths
 generalized feedback
 predefined targets
 personal performance objectives
 5 ________ are caused by a specific event, are very brief, and accompanied by distinct facial expressions.

6  Why is Maslow’s theory criticized?
Its terminology tends to alienate those to whom it is applied.
 There is little evidence that needs are structured or operate in the way it describes.
 Its terminology tends to alienate those to whom it is applied.
 The concept of self-actualization was unfounded.
7 ________ refers to evaluative statements or judgments concerning objects, people, or events.
8 Employees with positive core self-evaluations believe in...