Law531 Riordan Corporate Finance Plan

Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan
Riordan Manufacturing is a company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of plastic injection molding that is available in the industry. To continue this competitive advantage in the years to come, it is imperative that the Riordan leadership have a company compliance plan that specifically outlines the legal aspects and liabilities, as well as how to effectively handle any situations that may arise. This compliance plan shall address the prevention and management guidelines concerning alternative dispute resolutions, enterprise liability, product liability, international law, tangible and intellectual property, legal forms of business, and governance.   As a corporation, it is the responsibility of the board of directors and the executive officers to make profitable decisions based off of adequate knowledge and carefully assessed risks within the enterprise.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Riordan Manufacturing is focused on providing quality service to its customers and employees. If an employee or customer has a problem that could result in a legal matter, the company will diligently seek to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.   To be proactive about maintaining the highest legal and ethical standards, Riordan will keep the independent law firm, Litteral & Finkel on a retainer for legal counsel. In effort to keep the costs to a minimum and maintain a sense of company flexibility and privacy, Riordan will require employees and vendors to sign contracts requiring the party to seek arbitration or mediation to settle the matter first. The employee or vendor must contact Riordan’s Chief Legal Counsel to file their complaint and then the company will contact the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for an arbitrator. If mediation is used, an agreed upon third party will be contacted. Mediation will be the preferred method to use for disputes between other businesses. Seeking alternative resolutions will save...