Corporate Compliance Plan Riordan


Corporate Compliance Plan - Riordan
University of Phoenix

Corporate Compliance Plan – Riordan

      To: Corporate Officers, Directors
      From: Dr. Michael Riordan
      Cc: Lowell Bradford
      Re: Corporate Compliance Officer

      Since its conception Riordan has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure that our organization complies with all legal matters as it concerns to our organization. As our business requirements change it is imperative that our organization remains focused and ensures that all departments are in compliant within the laws that govern our business. At the suggestion of our corporation’s legal counsel Litteral & Finkel, we will be establishing a new position Corporate Compliance Officer (CCO) to our team who will report directly to Lowell Bradford, Chief Legal Counsel (CLC).
      Good corporate governance practices lead to better compliance, but more importantly these behaviors lead to better organizational operation and increased shareholder and stakeholder confidence because of the increased visibility and monitoring that is put in place. Corporate governance is a term that embodies all of the process, policies, procedures and records that an organization uses to make decisions and carry those decisions out.(yahoo groups, 2009, p. 1). The CCO will work directly with the Litteral & Finkel to establish a Corporate Compliance Plan that will address key legal liability areas using the following as a guideline.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
      Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) offers parties alternative means of resolving their differences outside actual courtroom litigation and the costly aspects of preparation for it. ADR ranges from very informal options, such as a negotiated settlement between the CEOs of companies, to the formal, written processes of the American Arbitration Association. These processes may be used along with...