Law 531 Corporate Compliance Plan

Darren Dupree
      Corporate Compliance Plan
      Week 6 Day 7
      LAW 531 – Business Law (9/08/09)
      October 19th, 2009

      Overview – Corporate Compliance
      Riordan Manufacturing is a world wide company that specializes in plastics. Riordan’s upper management has created a Corporate Compliance Plan to guide ethical standards, business practices, and define employee expectations. Management must lead by example and ensure their actions are in within the guidelines of a professional. This plan will outline the organizations Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, Conduct Standard, Use of Proprietary Assets, Enterprise Liability, Business Continuation, Prevention Management, Clean Air and Water Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Arbitration Dispute Resolution, Federal Trade Commission Act, Intellectual Property Rights, Management and Control, Corporate Governance, Compliance Officer, Investigation and Corrective Action, and a Review.
      Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
      Code of business conduct and ethics informs all employees on the organizations ethical expectations. The conduct of all employees is important to the dynamics of Riodran; honesty and integrity are important to the overall company objectives. Corporate integrity is the foundation which Riodran prides themselves on; by insuring all personal are open, honest, and fair when dealing with all customers to ensure customer satisfaction from vendors to consumers, satisfaction is key.
      Conduct Standards
      Each employee is responsible for their own actions; each employee must ensure all decisions are based on the best interest of the company. Contracts and all other documents are to be protected, proprietary, and confidential. Employees are encouraged to protect the integrity of the company and its documents, employees are required to report any mishandling or misuse of this policy immediately.
      Use of Proprietary Assets...