This chapter presents the related literature and studies after the thorough and in-depthsearch done by the researchers. This will also present the synthesis of the art, theoretical andconceptual framework to fully understand the research to be done and lastly the definition of terms for better comprehension of the study.
Related Literature
Tracer study is an approach which widely being used in most organization especially inthe educational institutions to track and to keep record of their students once they havegraduated from the institution. Through tracer study, an institution able to evaluate the quality of education given to their graduates by knowing the graduates placements and positions in thesociety which later can be used as a benchmark in producing more qualified and competitivegraduates. There are books that we can use as a tool for studying different aspects of educationand for studying the pres
ent topic which is “
 A Tracer Study on The Employment Status of ABJournalism Graduates Batches 2009-2012.In the book Employment and Career Opportunities after Graduation by Arcelo andSanyal, the existence of a huge number of educated unemployed can lead to a certain amountof political instability in a country, for they being among the educated class and knowledgeableabout the privileges society can offer, feel doubly deprived. In this matter, the analysis of theunemployment situation in the Philippines shown that the young graduates is still in the job-hunting stage.
This book is concerned to the graduates of AB Journalism that will be hunting

 jobs after they graduated. Also, if the trainings and learning‟s in the
 journalism program will beused on the jobs suited for them.The book The Philippine Labor Code, An employer has a right to select his employeesand to decide when to engage them. He has a right under the law to full freedom in employingany person free to accept employment from...