Lady or the Tiger

Part I: Context Clues
1. I had cereal that I have every day for breakfast today, but today it was bland.
2. My friend Jack is usally very queit, but when he broke his arm, you could hear the rhapsodies of his pain.
Part II: Conscious Reading
1. (Exuberant) Because of love playing Xbox so much, I get obsessed with playing the games and beating them. I can see myself sitting on the couch and yelling at the TV. My mom is telling me to turn the volume down, but I’m not listening to her. She says it’s time for dinner but I realized that I have not ranked up yet. There are 15 seconds left in the match and I got the game winnning kill and finally ranked up.
2. (Inevitable) In the movie Pineapple Express, Dale and Saul are followed by Budflosky and Matherson. I can see them running away from the car. Saul is tripping because his shoelace is untied and Dale is running as fast as he can. The car is pulling up as fast as they can, and Dale and Saul jump into a dumpster and the car passes by.
3. (Doleful) In the song “Blame Game” by Kanye West it is very depressing. It has a very soft beat and is upsetting. The bells at the end remind me of a funeral and I can picture a lot of people being upset. Also Kanye West speaks sometimes very softly or very angry, and when his voice gets angry, I see a bunch of fire.
4. (Subordinate) At a middle school gym class, kids are playing basketball. The captains are choosing the kids and there are only three left. The three remaining kids feel not as good as everyone else. They are upset and also just waiting for someone to choose them because they feel very embaressed right now.