How Is Jealousy a Pervasive Theme in ''the Lady or the Tiger?" ?

How is jealousy a pervasive theme in ``The Lady or the Tiger?`` ?

Jealousy is a theme that is present throughout the story ‘’The lady or the Tiger?’’. Written by Frank R. Stockton in 1882, The Lady or the Tiger is a very famous short story about consequences of your actions, jealousy and decisions. The emotion of jealousy permeates the society in which the story is occurring in the 18th century. In the story, there are three ways that jealousy supports this thesis. First, the king is jealous of his daughter’s happiness. Secondly, jealousy is a feeling that is sometimes accompanied by sadness, anger and disgust. Finally, jealousy is mainly perceived by the princess’s character in the story.

Main point 1:

The king expresses jealousy towards his daughter’s happiness.

    • Detail: The king subjects his daughter’s lover to judgment in the public arena.
    • Explanation: The king disapproves of the relationship between his daughter and the lover.
    • Quotation: ‘’He did not hesitate nor waver in regard to his duty in the premises. The youth was immediately cast into prison, and a day was appointed for his trial in the king’s arena.

    • Detail: The king loves his daughter more than anything else in the world.
    • Explanation: He wants to keep her close to him and won’t let anything hurt her.
    • Quotation: ‘’(…) she was the apple of his eye, and was loved by him above all humanity’’

The father of the princess showed he felt jealousy but not only that. Jealousy is an emotion that can be linked to other feelings also.

Main point 2:

Jealousy is often accompanied by feelings of anger, sadness and disgust.

    • Detail: The daughter is very sad about the king’s decision to judge her lover.
    • Explanation: She still has very strong feelings for her lover and wishes for their relationship to continue.
    • Quotation: This royal maiden was well satisfied with her lover, for he was handsome and brave to a degree unsurpassed in all...