Lab 207

Water Quality and Contamination

Nicola A Campbell

SCI 207: Dependence of man on the environment

Professor Alisha Etheredge

December 22, 2014


Body Paragraph #1 - Background:   The rough draft of the introduction should describe the background of water quality and related issues using cited examples.   You should include scholarly sources in this section to help explain why water quality research is important to society.   When outlining this section, make sure to at least list relevant resources in APA format that will be used in the final paper to develop the background for your experiment.

Body Paragraph # 2 - Objective: The rough draft of the introduction should also contain the objective for your study.   This objective is the reason why the experiment is being done. Your rough draft should provide an objective that describes why we want to know the answer to the questions we are asking.

Body Paragraph # 3 - Hypotheses: Finally, the introduction should end with your hypotheses. The rough draft should include a hypothesis for each one of the three experiments. These hypotheses should be the same ones posed before you began your experiments.   You may reword them following feedback from your instructor to illustrate a proper hypothesis, however, you should not adjust them to reflect the “right” answer.   You do not lose points for an incorrect hypothesis; scientists often revise their hypotheses based on scientific evidence following an experiment.

Materials and Methods
Body Paragraph # 1:   The rough draft of the materials and methods section should provide a brief description of the specialized materials used in your experiment and how they were used. This section needs to summarize the instructions with enough detail so that an outsider who does not have a copy of the lab instructions knows what you did.   However, this does not mean writing every little step like “dip the...