Lab 2 Water Quality and Contamination

In this experiment water quality and contamination of groundwater were examined. By testing the ground water that was contaminants in the experiment I did. These experiments consist of oil, vinegar, water, laundry detergent and potting soil.   The water became contaminant.   Changes to the water were made with oil, vinegar and laundry detergent   having a different look. The vinegar and laundry detergent did make the water smell. The oil separated from the water coming to the top leaving a little filmy. The results were interesting in that when vinegar is filtered through dirt it came out fairly clean. This is amazing because I did not think that any of the contaminants used would affect the water the way it did with vinegar. I thought all the water would have dirt mixed into the water that was filtered. With research we might find a way to find a safer choice on how we filter and purify water.
This Lab we will discuss how contaminants affect the water supply. Contaminants can be anything type of material or chemicals from human waste, which   is used in farming and industrial factories to the shampoo and cooking oil that we use on a daily base. Why do these simple little items because problems to our drinking water that comes out of our water faucet.
“Issue of concern the use of absorption   spectra   to determine changes in chemical and physical characteristics of contaminants after application of water treatment , in order to determine levels of toxicity with respect to the environment”( Lee, 2014) The availability of safe drinking water is a basic concern for public health. Increased access to safe water and better sanitation practices have done more to increase life span and improve human health than any other advancements. Another contaminant that is found in water is lead. Studies have shown that lead can lead to developmental delays in kids and can cause cancer in adults.” Lead is a toxic metal that in the past was widely used in...