L3 Stls Unit 5 1.1 to 3.5

Unit 5
Promote Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in
Work with Children and Young People

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All children and young people have a right to an environment, which supports them in developing confidence, self-worth, resilience and respect for others. Fundamental to this is an understanding of how to ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded in every aspect of practice. It is important to support participation and equality of access so that every pupil has the same opportunities offered to them regardless of personal background. In order for us to achieve this we must involve the
children in finding out what works well in school and what doesn’t. It is very important that we have good policies and procedures in place from taking on staff, to teaching children, to involving parents and accepting them for who they are. The resources we have, lots of choice from books, dolls, puppets, stories, songs,
crafts and celebrating festival days and eating snacks from around the world. This gives positive images of diversity and equality; children will learn to celebrate differences of other children and their families. Children's background and cultures must be given respect and treated with equal concern. It is the responsibility
of staff to ensure that all children and their families are welcomed, valued and given access to the provision.

Each school has a range of policies that set out the procedures for ensuring equality through legislation and their own mission statements or ethos. It is important for us to understand that these are legal duties required of the school and we must abide by them. My schools Mission Statement;
Striving for Excellence – Valuing Achievement We strive for excellence in all aspects of the life of the school; The quality of learning that pupils experience, the quality of teaching that we provide, the richness of the environment in which they learn and the quality of opportunity we provide, regardless of...