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Kudler Fine Foods
DeLaurence Fobbs
University of Phoenix
May 25, 2011
Joseph Rezendes

Kudler Fine Foods

Kudler Fine Foods is a Local upscale food store located in the metropolitan area of San Diego
Specializing in fresh produce, meat and seafood, bakery and pastries, condiments and package foods, cheeses and specialty dairy products.   Kudler Fine Foods have grown over the years to expand their company to three locations and are developing a frequent shopper program to grant their customers loyalty points for gifts items, specialty foods, products and services.
The objective of this program is to track customer purchases so that they may be rewarded for there loyalty to shop at Kudler Fine Foods.   In order to accomplish this task Kudler Fine Foods must first develop a point scale they will use when a purchase is made by a customer.   A payment card system using a barcode system must be put in place which allows all their customers when purchasing an item(s) to accumulate a certain amount of points for each purchase.   This payment card should be free to all customers upon registering allowing the customer to immediately use the card upon their next purchase.   The next step is to create the security aspect of this process.   All customers want to feel that any information given will be secure from violators of their privacy.  
Securing customer information will help motivate more customers to involve themselves into the frequent shopping program.   Listed below are a few things that must be considered if the security process of this program will maintain customer confidence.
  1. When customer information is stored on a server or any other computer, this information should only be accessible by certain employee’s and the server kept in a physically secure area.
  2. Avoid storing sensitive customer data on a computer with an Internet connection.
  3. Maintain secure backup records and archived data by storing this information off-line.
  4. Ensure...