Knowing Your Audience

Knowing Your Audience
Keith De Luca
November 28th, 2011
Tania Say

Knowing Your Audience
On August 5th, 2010 33 miners were trapped in a Chilean copper mine for over 2 months.   For the first 17 days they had no word from the trapped miners.   “As the days passed, Chileans grew increasingly skeptical that any of the miners had survived — let alone all of them” (“Chile Mining Accident,” 2011, p. 1).   What the company puts out to the families and the company itself can make or break the company with a issue as large as this one.   Knowing your audience and communicating to the effectively will help through this tragic time.   Families will be worrying about their loved ones and employees will need to know what they will be expected to do and act during this kind of issue.   With all of this, the company will still have to deal with the media, which will be their strongest critic of all.   Knowing the right way of communication and how it will put the company in a better light.  
When constructing your message to the families of the miners, their feelings have to be taken into account.   There is going to be feelings of sadness, loss, and anger towards the company. The company has to let the families know what is and has happened and how you plan on getting through the situation. Such as, the plan of action you set forth and the services that you will be providing to the trapped miners.   Setting up counseling for the family members and helping those with financial aid, so that they will need to get through these tough times with no income flow.   The most important step is letting the families know that the company is doing everything in their power to rescue their family members.  
The employees need to know what they need to do in this time of trouble.   They also should know what the plan of action is.   What steps they should take if they are confronted with the media.   What they can and cannot say to the media and other outlets.   The last thing the...