Kathriene Knight

Regina V Knight

New South Wales
Supreme Court

Mrs Townsend
Year 12
Legal Studies
Kaylene White

Legal citation: Regina v Knight NSWSC 1011 – 19/01/2002

Outline elements of the offence: The murder of Mr Price was an act of horrendous nature committed by Katherine Mary Knight and falls into the most serious category of murders. The fact that the murder was premeditated is just evidence towards her cruel revengeful desire to inflict harm to others. Knight was quick to claim innocents in her violent relationships, whereas in fact she was frequently a serious aggressor. She had a highly revengeful nature; she seems to think that she is the victim in society, this may be due to her being sexually assaulted as a child but this is unclear. Although Knight had no real criminal record she did have a long history of domestic violence which was noted to police when applying for AVO’s against her partners. She was diagnosed with on-going incurable borderline personality disorder however this had no effect on the murder but would be a danger to the community if released. The case is marked out as one for which the maximum penalty of life imprisonment would, subject to any subjective matters in mitigation, be appropriate.

Factors of criminal behaviour:   It’s not known why Knight had such the personality she had. The doctors on the case described what she did on that night as just her nature.
Dr Delaforce:
            “What she did on the night was part of her personality, her nature, herself, but it is not a feature of borderline personality disorder. It is not even significantly connected.”

Investigation of the crime: The investigation process for the crime that took place was absolutely horrific, so horrendous that the highly experienced police officers that were assigned to the case felt the need to take stress leave because the situation with which they were confronted with was so abhorrent. As well as finding evidence to prove Knight guilty, the court...