Kite Runner Journey Essay

A journey can be physical or mental, long or short, hard or easy, interesting or boring, emotional or apathetic or new or old. Another way to look at a journey understands that views go beyond religious, social and economic acceptance. All journeys have different outcomes and are undergone in different fashions. The main types of journeys that can be identified in the novel the ‘Kite Runner’ are journeys of:
  * Self discovery
  * Accepting the past
Journey of self discovery involve finding out something about yourself that you never knew. This is constantly displayed throughout the novel through all of the characters. The reason why Amir wanted to go through this journey was to mature, discover more about himself and fix what he had done in the past. The main character to undergo a journey of self discovery was Amir whose father who had earlier in the novel told him “... there is only one sin and this is that is theft...” Amir later on in the novel finds out when he goes back to Kabul that this his father had contradicted himself for all these years; he had stolen the right of a brother for Amir and Hassan which meant that he also stole their identities and stolen the right for a son from Ali by having intercourse with Sanaubar who was Hassan’s mum and Ali’s wife.   The outcome of this journey for Amir was pain due to the fact that he had found out that not only had he let down his friend but he had let down his brother. Another outcome of the journey was change due which was portrayed through Amir’s new characteristics i.e. he stood up to his father in law and had a different perspective on his father who was once such a great man in his eyes.
A journey of accepting the past is one that is hard for many people to overcome because it’s usually avoided because the person who is trying to overcome the journey has done something that they regret. The reason for undertaking journey like this is to move on with your life for what it really is. Soraya who is...