Newspaper Article-the Kite Runner


Winter had hit Kabul; snow quilted the ground, the trees and roads were covered in a solid ice coating, everywhere blinding white and glistening. Conversation and laughter heard from the rooftops. A sentiment of excitement, apprehension and competition is established in the environment. The sky flawless, pure and cornflower blue had inherited gentle specks of reds, yellows and blues that floated effortlessly. These weren’t just any ordinary coloured specks from birds or planes, these were kites. In the district of Wazir Akbar Khan the much anticipated kite tournament was held on December 2nd 1975. This event featured one of its largest amounts of participants and spectators in twenty-five years.

The purpose of the tournament is to create your own kite, making a small, flat, rough, diamond-shape made of paper including a tail to enhance agility, with a tapered bamboo spine and a balanced bow. Once strong and ready to fly the aim of the game is to try cutting as many opponents kites possible, this is accomplished when kite teams are airborne simultaneously. As soon as two kite wires come into contact the fight then begins. The fight can last from a split second up to half an hour depending upon the weather conditions, tar quality and whatever else is occurring in the surroundings. Then once the wire is cut, the kite is released into the air and follows the wind, this is the kite runner’s opportunity to run and catch it.

Many children indicated that they would remember this event for years to come. Some would remember they were placed in the top ten; others would leave with only bloody hands and cuts left from the kite string and the memories. The weather co-operated perfectly. One kite flyer commented “The wind is perfect for flying, blowing just hard enough to give some lift, making the sweeps easier.” Even though the weather provided terrific conditions for kite flying only one came away with...