King Lears Tragic Downfall

Homemade Exam
Multiple choice. Choose the answer that best completes each statement.
  _ (1) Settlers believed…
      Native Americans should exercise their spirituality freely     and live on any land they wanted.
      Owning land, making a mining claim, or starting a business would give them a stake in the country.  
      That Native Americans wanted to improve the country.
      That the best way to improve their lives was staying in the     eastern U.S.
      _ (1) A powerful attraction to the west was…
      The prospect of striking it rich.
      Living peacefully amongst Native Americans.
      A laid back, easy life, unlike the quality of life in the east.
      The vast majority of immigrants who would do the settlers     work for them.
    (1 point)
    (2) The government supported this , a plan under     which Native Americans gave up their own beliefs and way of     life to become part of white culture.
      The Dawes Act.
      Treaty of Fort Laramie.
      The Homestead Act.
    (1 point)
  _ (2) One of the most significant blows to the Native Americans     was…
      The destruction of buffalo.
      Custer’s Last Stand.
      The Bozeman Trail.
      The discovery of silver and gold in the west.
    (1 point)
  _ (3) The Morrill Act of 1862 did what?
      Gave 160 acres of land to anyone who wanted it.
      Gave settlers the opportunity to build soddies and dugouts     on their own land.
      Kept Native Americans from violating the borders of their     reservations.
      Gave federal established agricultural experiment stations to inform farmers of new developments.  
    (1 point)
  _ (3) Railroads had a (n) _. This allowed them to charge     farmers whatever they wanted to ship crops across the country.
      Federal grant.
      Lobbying power over the government.
      Large amount of competition between companies.
    (1 point)...