British Literature Shakespeare’s King Lear

British Literature Shakespeare’s king Lear
King Lear, by William Shakespeare is a tragedy. The title depicts a character, who descents into madness mainly after he disposes of his important estate between his two daughters, but neglects one of his three daughters. His choice if purely caused by the flattery of two of his three daughters between whom he disposes of his estate. His decision ultimately becomes tragic consequences, which affects his entire family ( King Lear is a play, which talks of the legend of Britain Leir. The Leir of Britain was a pre-Roman Celtic king who was mythological. With respect to this book, Shakespeare seems to write primarily to bring readers to philosophy. He seems to give them a chance to participate in the play as if they are involved. His plays seem to reveal that fundamental human questions are entrenched within ordinary human experiences. In the case of King Lear, Shakespeare brings family squabbles, turmoil, madness, and other unethical behaviors that contribute to family breakage and conflicts in the society.
In the play, King Lear is elderly and wishes to retire from his power. He thus wants to divide his estate among all his three daughters. His way of dividing the realm is done on conditions such as whoever loves him the most gets the largest share. This promise becomes the main source of the problem since two of his daughters structure some cunning mechanisms to win the kings promise. Regan and Goneril find it easy to win his heart by proclaiming that they love their father (the king) more than anything else in the world. He is pleased by their love for him. The third daughter, Cordelia, is very honest with her love for the king. She has nothing to compare her lover for the king (Damrosch, pg.1372). She also lacks applicable words to express her love for King Lear (her father). This attitude infuriates the king since his not ware that her third daughter is expressing her...