K101 Tma01

Assignment TMA01

Part A

Describe the difficulties and rewards of being a carer for a family member. Illustrate your answer using examples from unit 1.

Using examples from Unit 1, this assignment will be exploring the difficulties and rewards that a new carer experiences when there is sudden change within the family setting. For the purpose of the assignment the term ‘carer’ means someone who looks after a friend, relative or neighbour who needs support because of their sickness, age or disability (Directgov, 2006). The main focus of this assignment will be on Ann Walker, 37 who participated in a research study by Joyce Cavaye (2007).

Whilst studying course materials from Unit 1, I noted that Ann’s life changed dramatically when she had to take on the responsibility of looking after her step-father (Angus McPhail, 79) after her mum passed away. Ann’s mum had made her promise to look after Angus after she passed away. Ann simply added on the role her mother carried out, alongside the roles she already had of being a wife, mother and daughter. Ann and her husband (Bob) and daughter (Zoe) were already residing with her mum and dad when her mother passed away, and she felt it was her duty to carry on with her stepfather’s care within the home.
It very soon became a struggle for Ann to cope with looking after her step-father; he requires help with going to the toilet and getting up and down the stairs, among many other needs. Ann was assisting Angus to the toilet when he fell - she was unable to stop the fall (Unit 1, Activity 1). Ann was feeling anxious and needed to ask for help herself from her husband Bob. Who was not happy about this as he was just in from work and wanted his dinner. Angus was angry as he did not like Bob and had been very freighted by the experience of falling. Ann was starting to feel pressure from the situation. Ann’s daughter Zoe came home from school saying “she failed an exam” but was ignored as the situation with Angus took...