The main Aim of this essay is to justify the types of assessment records we complete and explain the reason why.   All students who attend our course programme have been identified as having potential learning and behavioural problems at school, which has meant   students are facing exclusion.

A, 1 to 1 assessment with each student is conducted by myself as the training officer, this enables me to get feedback from the individual on what they perceive as their own learning style, it also gives me the opportunity to establish an initial contact with the individual and highlight certain rules.

This is then confirmed by each student completing a very basic questionnaire, which profiles what is regarded as acceptable behaviour . This questionnaire is held on file as a record which shows the student has completed an induction.

Many of our students have poor school attendance, so it is imperative that a register is maintained throughout the day to ensure maximum attendance. Student reports reflect good punctuality and attendance. These reports are produced monthly, and are reviewed by schools, parents and staff. These records are maintained and follow those students who progress back to school, or indeed college.

Some older students are completing a National Open College qualification and therefore, work which they submit is varied and can be in the form of a written journal, poster, quiz or essay. All of this course work is held in each students assessment file in order to present to an external examining body as evidence of each students work.

Written questionnaires are provided for each student to complete prior to completion of the course, these records give essential feed back to the training staff on how students have found the course content. These questionnaires act as a method of assessing the course aims and objectives.
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