Justify the Need for Keeping Records and Describe the Types of Records You Would Maintain.

Preparing to Teach in The Life Long Learning Sector (PTTLS)

Justify the need for keeping records and describe the types of records you would maintain.

In this assignment I will look the purpose that record keeping hold and the important of maintain records within an educational setting.
There are a various reasons as to why records are kept. Within an educational setting such as a college records are kept on students and staff members, some information will remain the same such as date of birth, while others will change and need to be updated. ‘Records are useful and important to all tutors in helping plan, monitor and review learners progress’ (Tummons, 2009) Records can provide an assessment of individual needs, information of any problems that arise and action taken in response and a means of contact. Records are vital piece of information and work towards ensuring that there is progressive learning, staff members have fulfilled their professional accountability and role as a teacher and that there is a unified approach towards the learning of learners.
Records can be reflective for learners and teachers and without having records it makes assessing learning difficult as they are a clear indication of whether the students have learnt what has been taught, if more help is needed and if the student’s are ready to progress . Records are also a clear indicator of weather a teacher needs to adapt their teaching methods or make any other changes to enhance learning. Some records that teachers may look at to identify learner’s education needs may be assignment, class work, student’s reflective sheets , journals and documentation of tutorial meetings.
Looking at a student’s attendance might give an indication that they are not up to date with their learning because of non attendance. Non attendance can be due to the learner’s lack of understanding during lessons which can be looked at by teachers reassessing the methods that are used and needs of the learner....