Although ‘Juno’ is a comedy, it brings out a few argumentative topics, such as, teenage pregnancy, abortion and adoption.
‘Juno’ is a movie which is showed in February 2008. It is directed by Jason Rietman, who is a Canadian-American film director, screenwriter, producer and actor. The protagonist is Juno MacGuff, who is acted by Ellen Page who is also a Canadian. She gets pregnant after having sex with Paulie Bleeker, her best friend who is acted by Michael Cera. She comes through the decision of abortion but finally abandoned the thought. Jennifer Garner who acts as Vanessa, the one who strongly wants to adopt Juno’s child, brings out the issue of abortion.
Teenage pregnancy is an important issue in the society. As the world is developing, teenagers may be more open-minded and they may accept pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancy. It may bring a lot of issues to both the teenage mother and the baby, no matter health or social problems. The teenage mother may not be fully grown up, both mentally and physically. If the mother decided to give birth to the baby, regardless the financial situation, the mother may not be mature enough and may not have the ability to take good care of the baby. It may cause danger to the baby and thus causes tragedies. Also, the baby given birth may not be as healthy as the ones given birth by married mothers and it may bring a lot of borne diseases to the baby.
Abortion is another contentious matter in the society. People may think that the mother should have the right to control the child’s destiny. In my opinion, as a born Catholic, I totally disagree with the act of abortion as it is same as murdering. I believe that life is holy and it totally belongs to God, only God has the right to decide our destiny. However, there are exceptional cases. If a mother is suffering from serious illness and we can only save either the mother’s life or the baby’s life, the priority is to save the mother’s life.
Adoption is the act of original...