“Junk food” is a term used to refer to unhealthy food normally sold by fast food restaurants.   This type of food is normally full of salt, additives and calories.

The argument that Junk foods should be banned from shops is necessary because :
a).   Junk foods are full of saturated fats which cause obesity and is linked to a lot of medical problems such as diabetes, stroke and heart diseases.
b). Junk foods are very tempting to teenagers and young adults who buy them instead of healthy foods.   Childhood obesity is now a big problem and most children will die younger than their parents if this continues.
c). Junk food normally attract poor people who are exploited by big companies selling what seems to be cheap food and creating a culture of unhealthy eating among the poor.
d). There is a strain on the funds for the NHS (National Health Service) because money has to be used in curing diseases like diabetes, heart diseases etc which can be avoided if people took better care of their health and ate more sensibly.

Other people would argue that Junk foods should not be banned because :
a). Junk foods are normally sold by large chains of shops or franchises and this provides employment for a large number of people.
b).The companies which produce Junk food pay taxes which help the government to provide us with necessary services to the country.
c). Junk foods should not be banned because it is infringes on peoples human rights to eat and live as they should.   They are not committing a criminal offence by eating any food.   People should be educated to eat a balanced diet and eat Junk foods in moderation.
d). Junk foods are not the problem; the problem is people living inactive lives, not exercising and being lazy.   Any food eaten too much will make us fat; we need to do more exercise.