Children and Junkfood

Junk Food and our Children

Children are becoming intertwined in a complicated society which is undergoing breathtaking changes. Relationships and lifestyles are transforming to benefit the new age. Food is no exception. It seems as if it has immersed every race and every age including children who are its newest victim. Children have suddenly stepped into a world of vending machines and fast food completely unaware of the chaos they are creating for themselves.
Healthy nutritious foods have been replaced by junk food! Junk food consists of anything that is tasty, quick, and convenient. Basically anything your great great grandmother would not recognize. (Pollan) The most common at-home scene is a child who returns from school and sticks himself or herself in front of the television complete with a cup of soda and a bowl of chips. That’s exactly what I did. Actually, I still do it! After a long day, the first thing I want to do when I get home is grab something to eat and watch That 70’s Show. I guess it becomes a habit.
The ages between five and twelve are a time of steady growth. A time when good nutrition is at priority. Children must know that what they eat influences their attitude, behavior, and future growth. The question is, where are they going to learn this?   It most likely will not be at home. The greater part of mothers and fathers with school age children are stressed, managing busy households, and are working with tiring commutes.   All these lead to a situation where parents get to spend a small amount of time with their children and traditional food skills are not passed on from parent to child. (Pollan) People have forgotten that the main reason for eating is nourishment. In the not so far-off past, food was treated with importance because of its life sustaining quality. Enjoying a meal meant sharing an experience with others. In the seventies families ate together for every meal they could. Today family meals are rare. When was the last time...