More than anything else, journeys are about the interpretation of the new. All Individuals progress through journeys throughout their whole life, where knowledge, experiences and growth are obtained. These journeys have either positive or negative outcomes depending on the path they choose to take. These acknowledgements cause individuals to have new interpretations on their lives that help them grow, having a more wiser perspective on their life. This is transparent to the audience through Ivan Sen’s film ‘Beneath the Clouds’, Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ and Peter Goldsworthy’s book ‘Maestro’ as they all address to the audience the notion of interpretation in journeys.
Ivan Sen immediately captivates his audience with this theme of interpretation in journeys through the experience of the protagonist Vaughn throughout his journey. Vaughn is constantly displayed to be interpreting his own life throughout the movie due to his interactions with the people circulates around him throughout his journey. This is amplified to the audience with the use of facial and body language. A demonstration of such techniques being used is during a scene after Lena quotes, ‘you’re just a fucking criminal.’ Vaughn is then immediately seen with an angry expression on his face, face down, body slouched and captured with a medium shot. This emphasizes to the audience that Lena’s words have made him interpret his own life and he has found something that made him visualize his life in a different way. The medium shot is used in this scene to underline the facial and body expressions in order for it to be more prominent to the audience’s attention.
To further stimulate the idea of this theme being conveyed in the film. Lena is also depicted to be interpreting her own life to the audience. Ivan Sen elucidates this through the devouring of the butterfly by the ants. This scene utilizes symbolism as the butterfly represents Lena being consumed in the very town she lives in....